welcome to emma and marty's christmas gift page 

Instead of the Christmas hamper idea we wanted to do something that would be inclusive of both Emma and Marty.  (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday people, will often have been trained by Coach Marty, Emma's husband.) 

So here we are! We love how Emma and Marty have a huge love of nature, animals and the planet. For many of us, the Legg's woods in Sywell holds a huge place in our hearts, it's not just where we exercise, but also where we make friends and party and

put the world to rights on a Saturday morning. 

Our new Christmas idea is to... 


So how will it work? 

The National Forest is right in the heart of the country. They are 35,000 trees away from reaching 9 million trees planted. We would like to collect money as a group towards purchasing and planting some trees. Sam, a Trainer and regular on Tuesdays and Thursdays has very kindly volunteered to collect the money via a link to her bank account

Trees cost £30 each. Emma and Marty can go and plant the trees at a special tree planting occasion and they will get a certificate to proudly display on the cabin wall! 

Any money left over, (ie. not a multiple of £30) will be donated to a charity of Emma's choice. 

When does the planting take place? 

On arrival at Brookvale Wood, Emma and Marty will be greeted at the reception by members of the team. After checking in with them, they will be directed to the planting field where further members of the team await their arrival. Following a brief introduction, they will be invited to select young saplings of around 30cm tall, from a range of native broadleaf species available, and guided to the planting area. Click on your favourite trees, so we can see which are the most popular. 

 3 Church Lane, Bozeat, Northamptonshire, NN297LJ

 Call: 07977820213    annalie.maher@gmail.com       

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