If you're thinking about setting up your own small business or need help with marketing and PR for a small business that you already run, I'd like to help you. 
Do you need someone to speak to your customers via social media?
Do you need to re-connect and drive more customers to your business?
Do you need help to free up your time, so you're not doing every promotional job in the business?
Do you think creating a brand would help make your business more successful? 

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, PR and marketing can help your customers feel valued, it drives sales, good word of mouth and loyalty to your brand - and brand is everything.

Having a well thought out brand sets your business apart from other people doing the same thing. It's your brand that people see or hear about first, so it's got to fit your business to a tee and make you smile when you see it. 



Making a start is always the hardest part - I'm here to help, hold your hand. Take a leap of faith knowing that I've got your back and we're going to do a great job!



YES! absolutely. Having a coffee together is the beginning of the process and a great way to see if I'd be a good match for your business. My background is in PR for food, lifestyle, shopping, fashion and fitness - take a look at my portfolio for some of my latest work. 

If you'd like to discover if building a brand for your business is a good idea and if PR and Marketing could help, then let's have a coffee. Drop me a line. 


 3 Church Lane, Bozeat, Northamptonshire, NN297LJ

 Call: 07977820213    annalie.maher@gmail.com       

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